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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
October 11, 2005

Team building is challenging. There are many different types of individuals with several characteristics.

An interesting mix is the unsecure teammate. Over time, people either become more secure or less secure depending on circumstances. When an idividual is emotional insecure, it is difficult to get that person to join the team.

When someone is on unstable ground, they see almost everything as a challenge or a threat. Every little change is examined with a circumspect eye. So changes that have a true benefit and is just good is met differently.

Imagine the scenario of adding a talented co-worker to the team. The unsecure individual views this as a negative change in their position. The secure individual welcomes the extra resource and thought bouncing board. How about a change in the way things are done? Changing the fabric of one's working existence is a nerve racking experience for the unsecure.

Insecurity comes and goes, it is rarely permanent. But because of its transisent nature, when handling change remember there are three main phases.

First there is where we are currently. Next, there is where we all want to be. Finally there is the transition from where we are to where we want to be.

The transition is important, becuase not everyone will want to transition. However for those who dare to take the first step in crossing the change river, I also think mentoring and coaching is to be given when needed. The transition maybe like crossing rapids, but the Elysian Fields might be on the other side.

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