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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
March 12, 2011

On projects and delivery there comes a time when you just need to move forward and get it out of the starting gate to the box. The ugly truth is that most corporations can't afford perfection and we need to deal with good enough. Those engaged in design, construction and implementation are focused on a flawless implementation which has minimal impacts to our colleagues. We are relentless in looking for flaws, but at what point does good enough mean move forward?

What does Good Enough Mean?

Let's look at Good enough and what it really means. Good enough is the state when the remaining flaws do not impact system adoption in a meaningful way. The balance that needs to occur is comparing functional use with the pain of deployment, and these are at different ranges.

Let's compare our ICD10 Program implementation. There will come a time when we will deploy all of the updated systems with new functionality to achieve the ability to bill in a hybrid ICD10 and ICD9 format. The date is set on when the fiscal intermediaries will be accepting ICD10 codes. Now the pain of that deployment will be large for not only will there be a large system implementation upgrade window, but also an education and training for physicians, coders, and report analysts. Not to mention the conversion of all those reports in our environment for their extraction clause especially if an Ecode is utilized.

The Take Away

The truth of the matter is that there will come a time, when it is time to move forward. Recognizing that good enough has been achieved, and any further customizations will just lead to overdesigned solutions in our search for perfection is key to a project being on time. Remaining in analysis paralysis and perfection will just delay timelines and project costs as the team looks for the panacea. As a project manager you need to be familiar enough with the risks and rewards to recognize a true opportunity to improve deployment versus a hopeless clinging to perfection.

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