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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
April 22, 2010

A couple months back, Gartner placed out on the radar screen the technologies to watch for 2010. So let's put these on our radar screen.

  1. Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is all about deploying application via the web. This may take your core email solution and outsource it due to better service and decreased maintenance costs. Apptix is making a good name for itself in this space.

  2. Advanced Analytics: Is all about gathering wisdom from your data? It is the current form of business intelligence and data mining. Definitely worth checking out the healthcare space as you are putting in those clinical apps. Reporting on the data will help achieve meaningful use.

  3. Client Computing: Client Computing is when the device "computes" through a remote service on another device (preferably a server) This technology decreases the need for high end powerful pcs in the business.

  4. IT for Green:
  5. Green IT is about lessening for green footprint while still achieving ROI (at least to me).
  6. Reshaping the Data Center: Not suprising the good old data center needs a little revamping in light of blade technology and virtualization, not to mention the power utilization of the data center.

  7. Social Computing: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn you should definitely have an approach with your marketing power for capitalizing upon these pull technologies.

  8. Security: Even in hard times, security remains at the forefront. Safeguarding the ditigal assets of a corporation and knowning what risks are acceptable and which risk are not is just a good practice

  9. Flash Memory: Having portable hard drives at 1.5 tb is just an amazing thing. Look for the movement to replace your old rpm hard drive eventually.

  10. Virtualization for Availability: Uptime is crucial and virtualization removes the risk of a hardward failure to your uptime, done appropriately it may not even add in too many other risks.

  11. Mobile Applications: Looking around starbucks while awaiting your mocha without whip, just how ubiquitous are smart phones? The issue is that little screen gives new meaning to usable applications with detailed information.

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