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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
March 12, 2011

With the XOOM and the IPAD, the need to have end-user device agnostic deployments is rising. Long gone are the days of standardizing on Windows XP Desktops with IE 7. Today's Healthcare IT organizations need to have flexibility and approach the world from a device agnostic perspective.

Enter VMWare View, and its recent client release for the iPad. I can only foresee the future release of a client for the XOOM. Here we have a separation of the desktop from the hardware, so we can theoretically offer that Allscripts Ambulatory right on the iPad to follow the physician on their daily journal.

The bleeding edge is showing the way. Recently, Southern California's, Children's Hospital Central California, deployed a "Follow-me Desktop" which goes along with clinicians and staff as they round. With this new release of VMWare View, the possibility now exists to deploy the approach to an ipad. Given the quick rate of adoption ipads are having with physicians and c-suites, it's a good move, just be sure to review the security approaches with your privacy and security officer.

To read more on the deployment, check out the article here.

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