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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
February 27, 2011

A couple of months ago, Gartner placed out the new list of technologies to watch for 2011. Good news is there are some new ones, and some old ones. A couple have been dropped from last year's watch list. Without further ado, let's dig into those technologies we should be checking out.

  1. Cloud Computing - The cloud has been out there for a while. The perspective of Software as a Service(SOA) and the various virtualization models, organizations will need to determine which mixture meets to their needs. An individual will need to be accountable for deriving and delivering the organizations cloud strategy finding the balance in the public, private, and hybrid cloud models.

  2. Mobile apps and media tablets - Apple has changed the game when it leveraged iOS on the iPad. We will need to consider in the future how to deliver applications to multiple platforms including this medium.

  3. Next-gen analytics - Truthfully reporting is often the last item considered when implementing a new solution. Being able to harvest all that information and predict future opportunities will be very useful. That being said, organizations continue to stumble in providing killer "reports"

  4. Social analytics - Social Networking has taken corporate America by storm. The responsiveness of social media has been a key to marketing campaigns and hearing the voice of the customer. However given the multitude of social networking venues, it would be useful to analyze this information to increase customer loyalty

  5. Social communications and collaboration - As stated above Social Networking is not a part of corporate America's marketing campaign. A key factor in this is to have a reasonable policy within your organization and for yourself.

  6. Video - Does your company have a youtube page? What's the quality of the video? Now a days we are using video for E-learning, marketing, webinars, and the hope that latest youtube video will go viral. How are the videos being managed? Archived? Updated? Approved for wide scale distribution? Perhaps it is time for a video management system

  7. Context-aware computing - Let's say we started drilling on into where our customers are, so when they are checking out in the grocery store, we can shoot them a quick tweet on the latest must have item and a coupon. Not so sure this would be an improvement or an increased spam noise level, however context aware computing is on the horizon.

  8. Ubiquitous Computing - We are beginning to look like camel geeks, with our smartphone, ipad, laptop, and mifi. How many computing devices do you pull out of your laptop bag when going through airport security? As this continues to evolve to further devices to add to our laptop bag, computing technology will spread further into our daily lives.

  9. Storage Class Memory (SCM) - Imaging having the positive features of storage and memory rolled up into one new class of data storage memory. SCM is non-volatile, has short access times, cost per bit is decreasing, and doesn't have any moving parts. This has the potential to be a game changer but it hasn't hit the tipping point yet.

  10. Fabric based infrastructure and computers - The key here is that the rack mounted server expands beyond the box. A fabric is a high-performance computing system which weaves together storage, network and paralle process tied together by 10 Gigabit interconnects (or higher). When pondering the fabric based infrastructure consider Microsoft's Azure Services Grid.

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