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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
June 21, 2010

Hope springs eternal within Information Technology. There are urban legends of sorts of business leaders who step forward and drive the change to ICD10. Unfortunately, these legends are at just a couple of health systems. For the rest of us, we have to assure the senior leadership team understands the significance of ICD10 and establish a structure which will bring about the successful change.

ICD10 is a business project and needs to have business leadership at the table. If you are getting ready to launch, let's look at a common program structures which successfully establish collaboration and drive the program to completion.

The three legged race with change leader and program manager

Once you have established a sense of urgency, the organization will be eager to assure there are no receivable impacts. It is time for the health system to appoint a change leader who will work in concert with the program manager to achieve the change.

The change leader and the program manager will be side by side at the same leadership hierarchy within the program organization chart. They will need to be in sync as they drive the program forward. The program manager will be accountable for driving the program, assuring good project management methodologies are used, and the program budget is on target. The change leader will be accountable for adoption, assuring an educational development program is in place, and transformation is on track.

The Take Away

ICD10 is not a technology project, technology is only a small part of the solution. Implementing ICD10 differs from implementing wireless. ICD10 is a change transformational program. In order to be successful change leaders must be identified early and partner with the program manager. The program manager will need to be accountable for coordinating business and it projects.

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