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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
June 20, 2010

Information Technology has many components - infrastructure, applications, product delivery, training, security to name but a few. Looking back it has changed quick a bit over the years. I can recall struggling one night to extend the dos drivers to a BOCA board for a dumb terminal simulation in an insurance office outside of buffalo new York. Networks were new fangled things and dumb terminals were where it was!

Later on at another position, there were discussions on standardizing upon Microsoft ASP versus Allaire's ColdFusion. The newer open source solutions were just considered too risky and parlayed to the corner.

A key component of Information Technology is researching new and upcoming technologies to see if they can be a "fit" and solution enabler of the business. Avoiding the topic of Basmartphones, virtualization and cloud computing will be a significant barrier as we drive to implement Electronic Health Records and downtime begins to hinder patient care. Then again tossing the whole house at researching isn't quite palatable .

The balance lies in between just doing it this way because WE HAVE ALWAYS done it this way to embracing an attitude of experimentation to getting it done. It is up to technology leaders and staff to determine the right mix for the organization. It is a challenge to you to keep up your skills. If you are an old school RPG programmer, perhaps checking out the ANDROID OS will be interesting. If you are a desktop manager, bringing in a couple of ipads for your staff to have familiarity and support would be good. Especially before just giving one to the new CEO.

The Take Away

As technology leaders we need to create an atmosphere of embracing technology changes in a thoughtful purposeful manner rather than just embracing chaos. We also have to help others leave their comfort zone and bring the bleeding edge into the catalogue of services provided to the organization.

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