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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
June 10, 2010

Over at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs launched the latest iPhone 4. Apple is making up ground in having the iPhone targeted for business customers. No longer a fashion statement, the iPhone is at the tipping point of achieving business integration, let's delve a bit into the iPhone and see if the shot hit its target.

Business Enterprisement Enhancements with iPhone 4

  • Data Protection - New apis are available so encrypt business critical information in the event the device becomes compromised.

  • Mobile Device Management - Another enhancement set of APIs can be integrated with third-party apps to wirelessly configure and manage settings enabling corporate management.

  • Wireless App Distribution-The ability to update apps via wireless and 3G, so its over the inhouse wi-fi or the att data connection. Removes the need to synch up via the old ball and chain (AKA computer)

  • SSL VPN Support - Looks like CISCO and JUNIPER will be implementing apps for supporting a vpn on the iphone.

  • Corporate Mail Enhancements - The ability to establish multiple exchange activesync accounts will be welcomed by consultants, the ability for the iphone to be the single email portal. Attachments are viewable with compatible apps from the app store

  • Better Battery Life -Apple has improved the battery life of the iPhone moving it up to 7 hours of talk time and 6 hours of browsing through 3G. This really needs to be improved a bit as the email addition will increasing the browsing time through 3G.

  • Tethering - Is now available, but once again AT&T's data plans limit functionality.

  • Multitasking - Being able to multitask between applications like email, surfing, and im conversations are now a part of the iphone OS (rebranded iOS).

  • Device Usability - Tweaks to the size and feel have occurred, there is a change to how the antenna is integrated. The processor is the new A4 CPU. The screen has been improved to the 906 x 640 "Retina" high-resolution LCD. All making the iphone a usable device

The Take Away

Apple has a good starting step into enticing the corporate users into the iPhone. It is obviously the start of a journey. With an anticipated release of June 24, we will see how quickly apps make use of the new APIs and the adoption with executives. I'll be looking at the droid incredible next as these new features aren't enough for the AT&T experience.

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