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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
June 5, 2010

In order to be a successful manager, you have got to be able to create performing teams. You can have a list of initials after your name detailing certifications, accreditations, or titles but without understanding how establish an environment where collaboration and self-motivation are a part of the team's culture - You have just met the Peter Principle.

I strongly believe when starting a new initiative; you need to set the stage. Everyone should meet in person, become familiar with the new initiative, discuss the desired outcomes, and then introduce the group. During this time mobile device and laptops are recommended to be off and placed away, it just allows everyone to make the most of everyone's time and focus upon the end goal. In my experience, I have found that a face to face discussion will early crystallize the intent and goals of the effort along with the proposed path to achieve the results. It also accelerates the team's development to performing.

A Positive Staging for Successful Team Development

On one initiative, we were beginning to establish a group of project management trainers to being our adoption of the pm methodology. The issue was that until this point, project managers rarely had a colleague around who could help collaborate and brainstorm to solve pm adoption issues. Although, we had bi-weekly conference calls, a share point site, and an email list serve, we had not solved this problem. By meeting on site in a centralized location and reviewing the training education plan, we were able to get the project managers to bond. Now, they feel familiar with each collaborate, share and motivate. We also have a group of trainers with healthcare it experience showing the benefits of a project manager managing implementation projects. This helps achieve the outcome of performing quality implementations and technical adoptions.

The Take Away

The ability to set the stage for team work, and establish an environment of trust, positive conflict and collaborations is a key skill of a manager and leader.

How do you set the stage to facilitate team building? How do you work through forming team issues? I'd love to hear your suggestions and insights on team work.

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