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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
October 18, 2009

When I was over in the Chicago Convention center, they use a great concept to remember which parking area you used. Instead of naming areas by the good ole AJ14, they used songs. As you walked in the area, the tune played over the speakers and by the elevator. The name of the song was used on the signs, to indicate your location. Remember the tune, singing in the rain? It resonates, brings a smile to ones face, and will stick with you. Great communication overcomes information saturation, and resonates with the audience. A common problem with EHR initiatives is that they are not communicated as the awe inspiring acts, which they are.

Imagine the pitch for increasing your EHR's functionality, the good ole line,

"It is the right thing to do!"

Just does not cut it. In this scenario, the CIO will be the lead, adoption won't occur, and finally this tragedy is in the making. Technology Advances without leadership do not lead to prolonged success. Good Leadership will help to spread the benefits and establish a project structure which will eventually succeed.

Reviewing some tactics which can help to spread the word and inspire leadership:

  • Imagine a Day in the Life - it is best to paint the picture. Cerner does a great job of this with a trip of the CMO and CNO to Kansas City's HeadQuarters. The other way to to offer the benefits to each role in the organization.

  • Simple resonating goals - There is a knowing gap when we say the terms EMR, however stating the goals in a simplified resonating manner, helps to make sure the receiver gets it. Some examples are

    • Eliminate illegible orders and medication errors

    • Useful Information available whenever and wherever you need it.

    • Jettison paper expense from our budget.

    • Improving Care through the right reminders at the right time.

  • Engage the FireStarters - There are change agents within organizations. These are those individuals who will spread the EHR Fever. They will get others on board

  • Hear the No-Nos - We will always have dissenters or the "No-Nos". Have a place to hear them out and address the concerns. Sometimes a No-No's philosophy is based upon urban legends.

  • Couple excitement with excellence - We can be excited, but we have to strive to provide excellent care to those in our community who visit us in their sickest times. The electronic healthcare record will only augment our best practices.

The key sign of an engaged organization is that colleagues begin to suggest improvements or ways to do something. These suggestions are wonderful, and should be reviewed and implemented wherever possible. The more individuals looking to help make the change the better.

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