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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
July 25, 2009

Conflict, at the right level, is a healthy and energizing force in an organization. But it must be managed carefully to ensure that it works creatively, and not destructively. As a leader at your organization, one needs to lead by example to establish an environment for positive conflict.

  • Foster good communications among team members - This relates to creating a team atmosphere of accountability while working together. Team members should be able to trust and be reasonably frank with each other. Communications should be open and with the end result being good for the organization, not just the individual.

  • Establish Roles and Responsibilities - One of the most enabling item for a team is to establish roles and responsibilities. Often without this structure, the team falls into unclarity and rumors promulgate regarding who knows what this individual is doing? Not a good team atmosphere

  • Foster a motivational work culture - I'm not talking about only pointing out the positive things, here. I'm referring to having innovation, creativity, and suggestions actually welcomed like old friends at the door. Perhaps having a "war on outages" with the mentality of "how can we make certain this problem never affects our customers again".

By deploying these three tactics your team will go form forming to performing at record speed, and a performing team is a beautiful thing.

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1 Comments to “Tips of the trade - Minimize Negative Conflict using these three tips”

Very well put. To put it another way, healthy competition between co-workers, an eagerness to take on as much as one can, without judgment or one-uppmanship, is very healthy for the individual and reaps rewards for the company. Competition doesn't have to get in the way of cooperation, and it doesn't have to given the right company culture, and personal integrity.

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