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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
May 18, 2009

As leaders, we have looked at our organization and decided, "Yes, we need to change." Now we need to appoint and support a change agent. We need a leader who will be able to transform the department to a new level of operations.

This leader should be someone who is not satisfied with the status quo, resting on the laurels of their previous success. Let's discuss the 4 key characteristics of your change agent.

  • Strategic Thinker - Our change agent needs to think strategically about the future and be proactive. The individual should be concerned about the end game outcome.

  • An observant listener - Our change agent will need to be able to listen and not jump to conclusions without all of the facts. Our change agent will need to be observant, because the truth is the sum of a lot of parts.

  • A good communicator - Our change agent will need to be able to express the sense of urgency for this change. Our change agent will also need to be dialogue with leaders, colleagues, and team mates.

  • A team builder - Our change agent will need to build a team to facilitate the change. This means examining seats on the bus and assuring the right person is on the right seat. There will probably be vacant seats on the bus during this transition; this individual will need to be able to fill the spots with the right individual.

When implementing a PMO, it is important to give your change agent authority to implement the PMO. Titles like director or program manager are essential. This individual should also be a peer reporting to the CIO or C-suite individual.

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