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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
May 11, 2009

One of the key initiatives of the ARRA is the push to move healthcare from 1980's information management to 2010 information management. With questions driving from what is a "meaningful use" EHR to how are we going to assure the money is utilized appropriately and value is added afterwards. One of many "starting points" will be the Healthcare IT organization's credibility and ability to execute. After all it will be difficult to execute with an IT department just staffed to keep the lights running.

But where are most healthcare IT organizations on credibility, and where to look to start to evaluate? Well several years ago (2002), Gartner derived an IS Credibility curve and predicted IT organizations would increase from 25% to 40% of the organizations being strategic enablers. Using Gartner's work as starting point, here is the Healthcare IT Credibility Curve.

Healthcare IT Credibility Curve

The levels of the Healthcare IT Credibility Curve include the following:

  • Level 1: The IS organization is the receiver of all blame. IS organization constantly makes empty promises and fails to meet commitments. Customer perception is that if you don't expect anything, you will not be disappointed. IS execution is based upon the heroics of individuals and the need to fulfill an unending list of constant changing priorities.

  • Level 2: The IS organization is a silo. IS organization can support basic operations. There is a process to assure consistency to support and maintenance and basic standards.

  • Level 3: The IS organization is a team player. Staff within IS are knowledgeable of the business process and the technical processes. A demand management process detailing work request and authorization should be in place. Customer know what services IS offers.

  • Level 4: The IS organization is the team member. IS organization has lead the way with the business's collaboration to have effective process for capital planning and an enterprise wide strategic plan. Staff skill gaps are fulfilled before engaging on a new project needing the skill set. Customers know how and when to use IT. Customer and IS are engaged in planning activities for the future.

  • Level 5: The IS organization is a partner. IS has the respect of its business colleagues. Technology is seen as a strategic differentiator for patient safety, physician attraction, and system service.

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1 Comments to “The 5 levels of Healthcare IT Credibility”

Loved this article and wish every healthcare organization paid attention to the levels of the Healthcare IT Credibility Curve.

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