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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
May 7, 2009

One of the key items with my employer, is that there are several health systems with several levels of maturity. Therefore the one size template does not fit all. For example sitting with the project sponsor and discussing the benefits to be realized, is difficult for the staff member. Especially if the hospital organizations level of IT credibility is uncertainity on their ability to do anything.

So Let's take a little bit of time reviewing the levels of maturity in project management

  • Level 0: Chaotic - No evidence of documented processes or practices. Normally everyone is doing the best they can, however no one is doing it the same way.

  • Level 1: Adhoc - Documented processes are executed but not formalized. One can see this outcome with the unpredictable results in project execution and the heroics of staff to get the job done.

  • Level 2: Repeatable - A consistent methodology is deployed and is repeatable. (repeatable processes are supported by materials and template however wide spread use has not occurred. Groups of the department will be utilizing the methodology (and it will be working for them). IT creditability is also at the skeptical level with results just beginning to be consistend and reliable.

  • Level 3: Responsiveness - Anyone here can deliver the results, however the group also knows the benefits and are achieving the benefits in pockets. IT credibility has risen to the acceptance level. IT will begin to be openly included in planning.

  • Level 4 Business-Driven - All projects will be focused on delivering the business benefits. Project engagement will be based on ability to information to drive business strategy ( metrics for continuous improvement will be a self-feeding loop) IT is trusted to deliver upon commitments.

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4 Comments to “Levels of project management maturity - One size does not fit all”

Excellent summarization! Very useful for a senior management presentation.

Thank you for this PM summarization. I'm an advisory IT consultant who works only with healthcare provider organizations, and your comments about these organizations are well-stated. However, I suspect that your summarization will be useful for any type of "more complex" organization.

Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder'n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

Excellent summarization! Will use this in future presentations/surveys.

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