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Author: Elyse, PMP, CPHIMS
April 2, 2007

Project Procurement Management involves engaging in a systematic process to purchase or acquire the needed products, services, or results from an outside source which will perform the work. Procure Management encompasses contract management and control processes necessary to administer contracts or purchase orders. It also includes processes which assist in administering a contract to assure the buyer/seller relationships are properly managed. The procurement management processes are:

  • Plan Purchases and Acquisitions – Plan Purchases and Acquisitions process involves ascertaining what is needed, and when it is needed. Then how to assure you have what you need when you need it. (Novel concept!) This is completed as a part of the planning process group.

  • Plan Contracting – The Plan Contracting process involves documenting the products, services, and results requirements and identifies potential sellers. Plan Contracting is commonly first engaged in the planning process group.

  • Request Seller Responses – Request Seller Responses process obtains information, quotations, bids, offers, or proposals from sellers as appropriate. This is a part of the executing process group

  • Select Sellers – The Select Sellers process is where the offers are reviewed, and a chosen vendor rises to the top of the Analytical Hierarchy Process. Commonly negotiations are started in written form. This is commonly a part of the executing process group.

  • Contract Administration - The Contract Administration Process manages all aspects of the contract and the relationship between the buyer and the seller including managing seller performance and changes, providing a basis for future work, and managing the relationship with the project’s buyer. This is a part of the monitoring and controlling process grouping.

  • Contract Closure - The Contract Closure Process assures completion and settling terms of any contracts including resolving any open items and closing each contract.

Each Procurement Management process results in a specific deliverable which is used as the foundations for the subsequent process. Combined the procurement management processes provide a best practice pattern for managing contracts and vendor relationships on a project.

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