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The 411 on subscriptions

Thanks for deciding to join our network of subscribers! This page covers how you can enjoy updates from Anticlue in a way which works for you.

In today’s day and age, it is easy to be on information overload. For this reasoning, we offer several ways to receive updates.

If there is another venue you would like, please let me know.

Twitter - To Tweet or Not to Tweet

So often in life, it is our similar interests that attract us to others. Twitter is way to find others (around the clock) who share similar interests. For example, here are a couple of searches on my interests.

It is easy to create twitter searches, simply surf over to Here is quick list of search operators for those advanced searches.

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RSS – Read Shared Scoops

How many blogs, e-zines and e-papers do you actively follow? Does it take a lot of your time? The only resource which we can never get back is our time, and RSS makes it easier to use our time wisely. Instead of visiting 20 different websites after dinner, one can check out one page (aka the aggregator) and click on stories and scoops which pique your interest. For your convenience here are some applications which do this very thing.

Just an aside, RSS really stands for Really Simple Syndication but I find it easier to explain to Maw as Read Shared Scoops.

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