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Recent Articles

Here are some recent articles, which you might find interesting. The articles are about a page in length.


Using Lessons Learned to Drive Project Management Performance

Healthcare Speaks, Project Management Institute, October 2009

Do you ever find yourself saying “we should of learned this?” Or perhaps listening to another colleague describing a practice thinking, “Boy, I wish we knew that 2 months ago” These are common signals that your organization needs to improve its lessons learned process. Here is an approach to help you include lessons learned as a part of your project management methodology.

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Latest Workshops

To help provide a project management framework for the small physician practice, I recently contributed to the Healthcare IT Summit workshop in Austin Texas. Here are the titles and descriptions. The presentations were 45 minutes in length.

Healthcare IT Summit

PM101 – The Accidental PM
PM102 – PM Interations

Austin, Texas on January 14, 2010

The purpose of this session is to provide the attendee with basic knowledge and skills to tackle the complexities of information technology implementations. Topics will include an overview of the stages of project management and the creation of project plans, Gantt charts and other tools you can create in Excel or other software. We will also discuss budget development, timelines, risk assessment and establishment and evaluation of metrics.